The Roots of the Christian Religion

This is a class on the history of the church from 60-315AD.  Our goal is to investigate the roots and formation of the Christian faith as we know it.  Some classes will be lectures while others will be discussions.  Besides posting the audio, this webpage will also be a resource for handouts and texts that we use in class.



First of all, much of the literature, characters, and history of the earliest church is shrouded in mystery.  The statements made in this study will often bounce between the consensus views, the tradional views, and in some cases the critical views.  Our goal is to acheive an understanding of our relgion in a compelling format.  Not all comments will be properly nuanced or referenced since to do so would bury the listener in minutia.  

Secondly, this is a Sunday School class and our recordings are intended for those who missed our discussion.  Our preaching ministry is the formal stance and voice of our church while Sunday School is a family discussion that might not always be perfectly right or might be somehow less suitable for all situations.  It should be listened to with that in mind.