Church Life

CTKpicnicOur church is not an activist movement or a finely tuned organization.  Our church, first and foremost, is a family.  We enjoy each other.  We relish the fact that we have a huge variety of ages and all the opportunities that provides us for getting know people different from ourselves.  Here are some of the things we facilitate to help provide connections.


Stuff for the Kids...

  • We provide childcare during the worship service for children four and under.  We offer  Sunday School for all ages.  
  • In addition to having both Jr High and Sr High Sunday School, we have periodic game nights for the youth and attend an annual youth retreat in Arkansas.

Stuff for the Women... 

  • We have some Bible Studies that meet in homes for women.  
  • Mom's with young kids gather for organized playdates. 
  • On the Second Friday of every month our women get together for fellowship and activities.
  • Throughout the school year, we host a Theology Forum for women.  We typically meet monthly at Panera Bread Co.

Stuff for the Men... 

  • We host two different Men's Lunches each week: one in Joplin and one in Carthage.  In these groups we read Scripture together and pray.
  • We have a Theology Forum that meets at places that have good beer.
  • "Man Night" happens when we are on our game.  All sorts of things happen there.

Stuff for Everyone... 

  • Each month we have a Fellowship Meal together either at the church or a cookout at someone's house.
  • We have rotating dinner groups that meet monthly during the school year.
  • We have Bible Studies hosted at homes for those who are interested.